Answers to 4 Common Transmission Questions

The major differences in a transmission from one vehicle to the next are its placement in the vehicle, whether it is a manual or automatic transmission and the components that relate to its type. With that being said, here are common questions that many vehicle owners tirelessly seek to have answered about their vehicle’s transmission when an issue or service appointment arises.In an effort to assist you with understanding your transmission problem, here are 4 common transmission questions and answers we often address for our clients:

  • What is a transmission flush? A flush of your vehicle’s transmission includes flushing out nearly all the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new
    answers-to-4-common-transmision-questionstransmission fluid. Please be aware that this not is a full transmission servicing (see below).
  • What is a full transmission service? This service includes a transmission fluid, filter change, removal of the pan to clean any debris and check for metal fragments and installation of a new gasket for the pan.
  • How much does a transmission rebuild cost and how long does it take? The actual cost and time to rebuild varies greatly and depends on your type of vehicle, the type of transmission and the parts that require replacement.
  • What is a transmission hard part? During the course of a rebuild, it may be discovered certain parts require replacement that should not be worn out. The replacement cost of these parts is not included in a transmission rebuild price.

Without a properly functioning transmission, you will be spending more for gas on a vehicle that consistently fails to meet your performance requirements. If you are in need of expert diagnostic and/or transmission repair or have additional questions, contact the friendly customer staff of the Transmission Man of Salt Lake City, UT today at (801) 467-6626 to setup an appointment that fits within your time-frame.