Much like your car’s engine oil, your transmission fluid also needs to be monitored and changed every once in a while. Like engine oil, transmission fluid keeps your transmission cool under the strain of powering your car.

Most cars on the road today have automatic transmissions and use Automatic Transmission Fluid or ATF. Your transmission can get very hot from powering your vehicle. On an average drive, your transmission fluid may heat up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. More stressful driving such as stop and go traffic, hauling a heavy load, long distance driving, or going up and down a mountain could cause much more stress on your transmission, and can lead to your transmission fluid heating up beyond acceptable temperatures. At these higher temperatures, ATF begins to break down and your transmission begins to shift gears roughly, slowly, or both.

Every vehicle has a different maintenance schedule for replacing Automatic Transmission Fluid.  One way to see if your transmission fluid needs to be changed by checking the dipstick, much like you would when checking oil. If your fluid level is low, you will need to add more. If your fluid is brown, then your transmission has gotten too warm and can lead to your transmission fluid breaking down.

At Transmission Man, we can diagnose and service your transmission fluid. We can ensure that your transmission is properly lubricated and can save you a costly repair further down the road. Stop by today for a diagnosis of your Automatic Transmission Fluid. We are located in Salt Lake City, UT.