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Transmission Repair Kearns UT

Transmission, differential and CV joint problems could be the reason why your car stalls on the road or refuses to start one morning. Regular maintenance can help prevent transmission trouble and if you need to get your car repaired, get professional help.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Transmission Man at Kearns UT is your transmission, differential and CV joint specialist. Call us today to get back on the road in no time.

Professional Transmission Repair at Kearns UT

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An unattended transmission problem can damage other important components of your car. Here are some of the common transmission problems for which you may need expert assistance.

Transmission slipping:

When the engine speeds up but the vehicle is unable to respond, a transmission slip has most probably occurred.

Shifting trouble:

Hard shifting or a drag between gears during accelerating is a symptom of transmission problem. You may also experience a missing or delayed response when shifting gears.

Odors and fluid leaks:

The transmission fluid acts as a coolant and lubricant, and serves to maintain a smooth transmission. Puddles under the car or the smell of fluid can indicate a transmission fluid leak problem.

Strange noises:

A flawless transmission system does not produce any noise. A transmission torque converter that has loosened can lead to a pounding noise. Similarly, a grinding noise when you shift gears can also point towards a transmission trouble.

Transmission Man offers free diagnosis and affordable transmission repair services at Kearns UT. Call us at 801-467-6626 to schedule your appointment.

Call Us for Affordable and Reliable Differential Repair at Kearns UT

Differentials are mechanical devices that allow the two wheels to rotate differentially with respect to one another when your car is negotiating a turn. Here are a few simple ways to detect a differential problem:

  • The clutch does not function smoothly
  • You hear a knocking sound at low speeds
  • The engine produces an accelerating noise when it is not really speeding up (with a manual transmission)
  • Your car does not go into any gear
  • The clutch pedal stays on the floor

Transmission Man provides our top-rate service throughout the state of Utah.  For information about transmission repair in Murray UT call us at 801-467-6626.

Best CV Joint Repair at Kearns UT

A constant velocity joint or a CV joint is a part of the drive shaft, the component that attaches to the car’s wheels at one end and the transmission at the other. CV joints are flexible and they bend in any direction while turning the drive wheels at a fixed velocity. These joints are lubricated and enclosed within a joint boot casing. If the joint boot is leaking or cracked, it can cause leakage in break fluid resulting in major damage to the CV joints.

CV joints have to be periodically inspected and boots and joints may need to be replaced if they are torn. If boots and joints are neglected they may lead to expensive repairs in the future.

For affordable CV joint repair at Kearns UT, get in touch with the Transmission Man team at 801-467-6626. Call us and schedule an appointment today.

Transmission Man is a reputed car repair and service facility in Kearns UT. We specialize in professional and affordable transmission, CV joints and differentials repair and servicing.