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Transmission Repair Layton UT

Transmission Man, located just 30 minutes from Layton, is the transmission repair authority of the Salt Lake Valley. We specialize in transmission repairs, differential and CV joint repairs. Regular maintenance and inspection of your vehicle can help prevent a costly repair down the line. If your car is making strange noises or isn’t running smoothly, take it to The Transmission Man.

We have over 30 years of auto repair experience in the Salt Lake Valley. Call us at (801) 467-6626 to learn more about our transmission repair in North Salt Lake City.

transmission repair layton utahAffordable Transmission Repair in Layton UT

An unattended transmission problem can cause damage to other important components of your car. If ignored, they can cause far more costly repairs down the line.

If you are experiencing odors or leaks, shifting trouble, abnormal sounds, gear slipping,  or any other problem, Call the Transmission Man at (801) 467-6626 for expert transmission repairs.

Differential Repair Layton UT

We provide both CV joint and differential repair for both automatic and manual vehicles. These components give power to the wheels of your car and are essential for your car to continue performing well. We service and repair all makes and models.