Manual Transmission Rebuild

manual transmission repairOne you are given the news that your manual transmission must be rebuilt, you may be concerned as to whether the assessment is accurate. This is a valid concern as a great number of general mechanics incorrectly determine that a rebuild is needed when, in reality, one or more parts are in need of replacement, such as the clutch assembly and/or flywheel. Before you authorize a manual transmission rebuild, the transmission repair specialists of the Transmission Man of Salt Lake City are prepared to provide you with free diagnostics and a detailed explanation of what is wrong with your vehicle’s transmission and how our team can quickly and successfully repair or rebuild it.

Why Trust Your Manual Transmission Rebuild to the Transmission Man?

If your vehicle is determined to be in need of a manual transmission rebuild, you may find yourself wondering why you should place your confidence in our facility. Being in business for over 30 years, we understand that a transmission rebuild is a significant repair and, perhaps, one of the most costly repairs your vehicle will require. We will rebuild your manual transmission or perform specialty transmission repairs on-site using top quality replacement parts and do not outsource this important task to another company. Therefore, when you entrust your vehicle to the highly trained technicians of the Transmission Man, you can be certain that we conduct comprehensive inspections throughout the rebuild process to confirm that further drivetrain repair is not needed. Additionally, our exceptionally experienced team of technicians will check other components that may be in need of servicing or replacement, such as the transmission mounts, clutch, flywheel, and/or rear main engine oil seal.

If you are in need of transmission repairs in Salt Lake City or the surrounding areas, the Transmission Man team is your top choice for diagnosing and addressing any transmission issue. We are located just a short drive from Interstate 15 and just a few minutes from the Lincoln Highway to make getting your vehicle’s transmission serviced or repaired as convenient as possible. All-inclusive servicing of manual and automatic transmissions for every type, make, model and year of vehicle is our specialty, so why trust any automotive other than the Transmission Man? Before you turn your vehicle over to an inexperienced auto shop for a manual transmission rebuild, setup your free diagnostic appointment by our professionals by calling 801-467-6626.