Midvale Transmission Service

Transmission Man at Midvale UT is your specialist for transmission repair, differential problems, and CV joint issues. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we offer free diagnostics and affordable services.

Our experienced technicians are committed to providing honest assessments and personalized services.

Reliable and Affordable Transmission Services at Midvale UT

A transmission problem is often the reason behind a malfunctioning vehicle.

The following are symptoms that may indicate a transmission problem:

  • transmission repair midvale utahLagging or thumping during shifting
  • Brown or red puddles under the car
  • Overheating of engines
  • Delaying or falling during shifting
  • Abnormal sounds such as a whine or creak during acceleration, or a banging or grinding noise during a halt
  • Car refuses to move during cold weather
  • Only the engine (and not the car) speeds up

For any transmission repair services in Midvale UT, call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626. It is important to identify and fix a transmission problem as early as possible before it could lead to a major damage to your car.

Professional Differential Repair Services at Midvale UT

If your car has trouble making a smooth turn, a damaged differential is a possible cause. The ‘differentials’ are mechanical components responsible for controlling the varying speeds of your car wheels. Differential problems are often indicated by fluid leaks and abnormal sounds. Repair and servicing depend on whether your car has a limited slip differential or a standard type.

Transmission Man offers professional differential repair in Midvale UT. For any inquiries or assessments related to your car’s differentials, get in touch with us by calling 801-467-6626.

Dependable CV joint repair services at Midvale UT

CV or Constant Velocity joints are responsible for ‘moving’ the wheels of your car. From the drive shafts, CV joints transmit power to the wheels to move them. These joints are lubricated with grease and protected by rubber structures called the joint boots.

When the joint boots tear or crack (due to wear and tear or aging), dust or other contaminants can enter the joints and stop them from functioning smoothly. Proper care and maintenance at an early stage can help prevent expensive replacements and repairs like a failing CV joint.

CV joint repair professionals at Midvale UT can help get your car back on the road smoothly. Call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626 to schedule an appointment.