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Transmission Repair Millcreek UT

Whether your car stalls on the road or just doesn’t start one morning, Transmission Man at Millcreek UT can help you get back on the road.  We offer professional and affordable transmission, differential, and CV joint fixing services.

Reliable Transmission Services at Millcreek UT

Your car’s transmission is an important component required for efficient and smooth functioning of the vehicle. Transmissions are of different types – automatic, standard or hybrid, and they are essentially connected to other important components of your car. During repair, it is important that these crucial components are not damaged. It is always best to leave transmission repair to a professional.

transmission repair millcreek utahThe following symptoms may indicate a transmission problem:


  • Brown or red puddles under the car
  • Only the engine (and not the car) speeds up
  • Delaying or falling during shifting
  • Lagging or thumping during shifting
  • Abnormal sounds such as a whine or creak during acceleration, or a banging or grinding noise during a halt
  • Overheating of engines
  • Car refuses to move during cold weather

A problem with your car’s transmission can directly impact the engine efficiency and hinder the vehicle from operating smoothly.

For dependable transmission repair services in Millcreek UT, call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626. We can fix transmission slipping, shifting, abnormal noise, fluid leak, odor, or any other trouble that your car might have.

Differential Repair Services at Millcreek UT

The differentials are responsible for speed control during a rotary movement of your car’s wheels. When your car negotiates a turn, it is this differential mechanism that lets the two wheels rotate at different speeds. When you differentials get damaged, the following problems can occur.

Differential noise: When there is friction between the internal gears, it can lead to a growling noise that intensifies when the wheels turn. If the lubricant is not replenished soon enough, it can even lead to a breakdown.

Differential leak: The differential component set up is lubricated by a differential fluid. When the lubricant level drops, it can lead to increased friction between the gears. This friction may eventually lead to wear and tear if the differential leak problem is not identified and fixed at the right time.

For differential problems, call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626. We also specialize in transmission repair services in Provo UT.

Reliable CV Joint Repair at Millcreek UT

CV joints, short for Constant Velocity joints, are responsible for moving your car; they transmit power from the drive shafts to the wheels. These joints are covered by a boot seal that keeps the grease within and prevents dust from entering inside.

If dust enters the joint boots or the boot surface cracks or tears, the CV joints can get damaged. The following symptoms may indicate a CV joint trouble:

  • Popping or clicking noise especially during turns
  • A vibration that maximizes with speed
  • A vibration when you accelerate
  • A humming or growling noise
  • A ‘thud’ or a dull, heavy sound during acceleration or deceleration

For CV joint repair in Millcreek UT, contact Transmission Man at 801-467-6626. We will fix all troubles related to your car’s CV joints, and put it back on the road as quick as possible.

Transmission Man is your Millcreek UT specialist in transmission, differential and CV joint repairs and services. We also offer free diagnosis and honor extended warranties.