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Transmission Repair Murray UT

Transmission trouble, CV joint failure, differential problem – these are all terms that car owners are familiar with. These could be the reasons why your car suddenly halts on the driveway or just refuses to start one morning. But don’t worry; Transmission Man is here to give you a hand.

Transmission Man is your reliable Murray UT transmission expert. We specialize in transmission repair, replacement and modification, and repair of clutches and differentials. Our services are economical, and whether you own a front wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, hybrid, automatic, or standard model, we can set them right for you.

Just give us a call at 801-467-6626 and get your wheels back in pristine condition.

Dependable Transmission Repair at Murray UT

When your car shows any of the following symptoms, it may be because of transmission trouble.

  • transmission repair murray utahSudden stalling
  • Dashboard light indicating engine trouble
  • Leaks and stain under the vehicle
  • Reverse gear does not work
  • Humming, buzzing, grating, knocking or other strange noises
  • Unusual odors from below the hood
  • Engine does not start when the vehicle is cold
  • Gears fail to engage normally
  • Engine does not accelerate even during racing speeds
  • Shift stick fails to move

You car may have a hybrid, automatic or manual transmission and each type must be handled in a different way. The car’s engine will not be able to output a range of speeds without proper transmission. The transmission is also connected to various other important parts. During repair, it is important that the other expensive parts of your car are not damaged.

Only an experienced professional will be able to exactly diagnose and repair your car’s transmission without causing more problems.

Call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626 for more information about transmission repair in Riverton UT. Our services are reliable, personalized and affordable.

Reliable Differential Services at Murray UT

The differential mechanism is what makes your car’s wheels turn, relative to the turning of the drive shaft. The following are two common differential problems.

Differential leak: A lubricant leak is a common problem associated with the differentials. A drop in the lubricant level can lead to increased friction between gears. This friction will subsequently lead to major wear and tear, if it is not addressed at the earliest.

Differential noise: Friction between the internal gears may cause a growling noise that grows louder during turns. When the lubricant runs out, it may even lead to a car breakdown.

The specialists from Transmission Man also  offer affordable and reliable transmission repair at Murray UT. Call us at 801-467-6626 to schedule an appointment or to get answers to common transmission questions.

Get in Touch for CV Joint Repair at Murray UT

 Humming noise, popping, shudders while changing speeds or clicking during turns are possible indicators of a CV joint damage. Constant Velocity (CV) joints are those present in the front wheel shafts. These joints are lubricated with grease, and enclosed within a flexible boot seal to keep the grease intact and protect the joints from dirt.

The CV boot seal can rupture due to aging or wear and tear. Debris or dirt can gradually accumulate, enter the joint and cause damage. A periodic inspection of the CV boots can help prevent any damage to the joints and eliminate the need for pricey repairs. A CV joint repair at the right time will keep you car in a good condition.

If you are looking for trustworthy and affordable CV joint repair in Murray UT, Transmission Man is the service to call. Out team of seasoned technicians will check the CV boots, fix and grease new boots, and set any joint damage right.

If you are in Murray UT, call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626 for a test drive, free diagnostics or other appropriate repair services.