Orem transmission repair

Transmission Repair Orem UT

Car problems can be frustrating, especially when it is not immediately apparent what may be causing the problem. Generally, cars will make have specific symptoms that can help you determine what the issue might be. However, one of the most common problems that people have with their vehicles is transmission issues and failure. If you live in the Orem, UT area and believe you are having transmission problems, we can help you schedule your transmission repair today.

Symptoms of Transmission Failure

Refusal to go into gear – For those who drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, not being able to switch gears is a hassle. The time these gear problems will happen is going into first gear from natural or from a stop. Common causes are low transmission fluid, the fluid is too thick, or the shift cables need adjusting.

transmission repair orem utahBurning smell

– If you can smell your transmission fluid, it means one thing, it burning due to your transmission overheating. The purpose of transmission fluid is to lubricate the moving parts of your engine and keep it from getting too hot. Causes may be low transmission fluid due to a leak, or dirty fluid that need to be changed.

Mechanical noises in neutral

– If you are hearing strange noises when shifting, you may simply need to fill the transmission fluid, but noises in neutral can mean more serious problems. These problems may be that some of the parts in your transmission are worn and need to be replaced.

Gear slipping

– In a manual transmission, gears can slip out of place and into neutral while driving. This is an immediate and obvious sign that your transmission need to be checked out.

Leaking fluids

– One of the easiest ways to determine that your transmission needs attention. The transmission fluid in automatic vehicles is vital to its shifting capabilities, so a little fluid on your driveway can mean big problems for your car. Transmission fluid is bright red and sweet smelling, if it is a dark color and smells burnt, you need to get a transmission flush.

Car problems can seem like the end of the world, but for those living in the Orem, UT area, we can help give you peace of mind. Did you know Transmission Man also repairs transmissions for Taylorsville UT? If you need to schedule an appointment for us to look at your transmission, please give us a call today!