Sandy Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair Sandy UT

Transmission Man at Sandy UT is an honest-to-goodness car repair facility specializing in transmission repair and servicing, differential and CV joint maintenance, replacement and servicing. If your car stalls on the road or refuses to start when you are ready to get going, we can help you get back on the road in no time. Standard or automatic, 4 wheel or a front wheel drive, foreign or domestic model – in our 30+ years of experience we have done it all. Call us today and for an honest assessment and quick repairs.

Affordable Expert Transmission Repair at Sandy UT

The transmission is a crucial component for your car to run smoothly. Transmissions can be standard, automatic or hybrids. If not attended to on time, a transmission problem can lead to major car trouble. The following symptoms will help you identify possible transmission problems and get expert help.

  • Brown or red puddles under the car
  • Only the engine (and not the car) speeds up
  • Delaying or falling during shifting
  • Car refuses to move during cold weather
  • Lagging or thumping during shifting
  • Overheating of engines
  • Abnormal sounds such as a banging or grinding noise during a halt
  • Whining or creaking during acceleration

If you have any queries regarding transmission repair at Sandy UT, call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626. We will assess your car for problems and suggest appropriate repair.

For Clutches and Differential Repair at Sandy UT, Call Transmission Man

The “differential” is a mechanical part situated between the wheels, and attached to each wheel of your car via an ankle shaft. The differential powers the engine and helps the vehicle turn when the driving shaft is turned.

A worn out differential can easily heat up, melt into a metal blob and weld various components together. There may be no outward signs as it all happens inside, and you may realize it only after your car stalls.

For professional differential repair services at Sandy UT, call Transmission Man at (801) 467-6626. Transmission Man also repairs transmissions in South Salt Lake City UT so call our shop to find out about all of our transmission services.

Dependable CV Joint Repair at Sandy UT

CV or Constant Velocity joints transmit power from the drive shafts to the wheels so your car may move. Regardless of the position of the wheels, these joints ensure that sufficient power is delivered to the wheels in relation to the drive shafts.

CV joints can get damaged when dust enters the joints or the joint boots (a protective covering) crack or break. Though careful driving and proper acceleration can help control a CV joint break, these problems cannot always be avoided.

In addition to bad boots, the following symptoms may also indicate a CV joint damage:

  • A vibration that increases with speed
  • A quiver or vibration during acceleration
  • A heavy dull sound when you put the trans-axle into the drive, accelerate or decelerate
  • Popping or clicking during turns
  • A growling or humming sound

For personalized, affordable CV joint repair services at Sandy UT, schedule an appointment with Transmission Man by calling 801-467-6626.