Signs and Sounds of a Transmission Problem

There are two types of transmissions: Manual transmissions, which require the driver to shift gears manually, and automatic transmissions, in which the transmission itself determines what gear is needed for the given speed and load. Like most mechanical devices, transmission wear out over time and can fail. There are several ways to tell whether or not your transmission is due for service or pending failure.  Some symptoms of transmission failure are: noise of any sort that is out of the ordinary, whether it is grinding gears or whining sounds.

A manual transmission is mechanically simpler and there are fewer parts that can fail compared to an automatic transmission. If the transmission is not lubricated properly, the gears can wear out and cause gear noise. The synchromesh, which smooths the gear shift transition can wear out and cause shifting issues.

On an automatic transmission, the bands in the transmission which are responsible for selecting the various gear ratios can begin to slip. They can wear out due to abuse or neglect. The valve body, which is responsible for sending fluid to the various components in the transmission can become plugged or clogged, causing shifting problems. A good way to prevent this damage is fluid and filter changes at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

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