Transmission Repair South Jordan UT

Transmission Man is a South Jordan UT area car service specialist providing transmission, differential, clutch, and CV joint repair and services. We honor most extended warranties and offer free diagnostic services.

Reliable Transmission Service at South Jordan UT

The following indicators may help you identify a transmission failure.

Leaking transmission:

One of the most common indicators of an underlying transmission problem, a leaking transmission occurs when the sealants and gaskets are damaged. When this happens, there is a leak of transmission fluid regardless of whether you car is shut down or operating.

Transmission surging:

This transmission problem occurs when the car is operating, and it may lead to abrupt, jerking movements. As the transmission locks and unlocks with the drive train of your car’s engine, a surge may lead to further obstruction to the acceleratory force.

Damaged transmission fluid:

The transmission fluid lubricates the various internal parts that together help the transmission function smoothly. When metal and dust particles enter the fluid, or when the fluid gets burnt, the lubrication is impeded. As a result, the transmission parts cease to function and lead to a transmission failure.

Transmission slipping:

Under normal circumstances, the transmission allows a gradual, swift and smooth gear and acceleration functions. Sometimes, a slipping transmission may occur and obstruct acceleration while also increasing the engine’s rpm. This is an indicator that your car’s transmission is damaged.

Transmission problems are best taken care of when left to a professional, especially because the transmission of your car is also connected to other critical, expensive parts. For transmission repair in South Jordan UT, call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626 and experience our personalized and affordable service.

Affordable Differential Repair at South Jordan UT

If your car is unable to make a smooth turn, there are high chances that there may be an underlying differential problem. It is important that you get it checked with a professional at the right time to avoid unnecessary damages and expensive repairs.

Fluid leaks and abnormal noises are common signs that indicate a differential trouble. Differential repair services vary depending on the type of differential that you car has.

If you are looking for professional and reliable differential repair in South Jordan UT, call Transmission Man at 801-467-6626. Whether your car has a standard differential, limited slip differential or any other type, we can fix it all.

Professional CV Joint repair Services at South Jordan UT

Popping sounds, clicking during turns, shudders when you change speeds, and humming sounds possibly indicate a CV joint trouble. CV or Constant Velocity joints are present in your car’s front wheel shafts. The joints are lubricated with grease or fluid and are covered by a flexible, rubber boot seal to prevent contamination from dust.

Wear and tear can rupture the CV boot seal and as a result, let in dust and debris inside the joints, and eventually lead to damage. It is good to get your CV joints periodically inspected by a professional, and eliminate pricey repairs in the future.

Since 30 years, Transmission Man has been providing affordable, professional and dependable CV joint repair services at South Jordan UT. Call us at 801-467-6626 to schedule an appointment.

Transmission Man is a premier car repair and service facility that also provides transmission repair in Bountiful UT. To learn more about areas we serve and our shop services call us at (801) 467-6626!