Specialty Transmission Repairs in Salt Lake City, UT

Transmissions are our specialty and we are conveniently located near Interstate 15 to better serve Salt Lake City. From stock transmissions to specialty transmissions, we’ll be able to service every transmission type. With 30 years of specialty transmissions repair in Salt Lake City, UT, we have the experience to diagnose and repair your transmission right – the first time.

There are a few things you can do to reduce repairs:

  • Top off fluids
  • Maintain proper maintenance schedules

Aside from this, you’ll need to make transmission repairs at some point. Fluid cools and lubricates the transmission so that none of the parts rub together, causing pieces of the transmission to wear out.

Even when properly maintained, you’ll need to do basic repairs and maintenance, such as:

  • Replace gaskets and seals
  • Flush fluids and replace
  • Replace a worn clutch
  • Replace transmission filters

While many maintenance and repairs can wait, a transmission is one that cannot. Transmissions are very costly to rebuild or repair. If you feel slipping or your vehicle’s changing gears sluggishly, it’s vital to have your transmission looked at immediately.
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Transmission Man’s Specialty Transmission Repairs

Specialty transmissions need a little extra care. Often found in high-end or highly customized vehicles, these costly transmissions need to be repaired by a technician that has years of experience.

Our team has helped thousands of people in Salt Lake repair their transmissions, including:

  • Automatic and manual rebuilds
  • Automatic and manual replacements
  • Transmission upgrades and maintenance
  • Transfer case repairs

Many of these services are extensive. We strive to only make necessary repairs. First, we always perform a full diagnostic so that we can pinpoint your transmission’s problem. If a minor repair is needed, this will be a much cheaper repair than a complete rebuild. Faulty sensors or solenoid valves are a prime example of an inexpensive repair.

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