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Proper maintenance by an expert technician can eliminate frequent car problems. Transmission Man at Taylorsville UT is your one stop shop for transmission repairs, differential problems, and CV joint replacements and modifications. Our experience of over 30 years has helped made us experts in car repair. Whether you have a standard or automatic, front wheel or 4 wheel drive, foreign or domestic, we can fix it all. Just give us a call, and get back on the road in no time.

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transmission repair taylorsville utahA transmission system is an important component that is required for the smooth functioning of your car. Here are some indicators that can help you identify a transmission problem.
Transmission surge: A transmission surge can lead to jerks when the car is running. As the transmission engages and disengages with the drive train of the car’s engine, a transmission surge can lead to acceleratory obstruction.

Transmission leak: A leaking transmission is one of the most common problems that indicates a failing transmission. Damaged sealants and gaskets may lead to a transmission leakage. The transmission fluid leaks out even when the car is not running.

Transmission slip: An efficient transmission system allows smooth, swift and gradual gear and acceleration. However, when a transmission slip occurs, normal acceleration is obstructed and the engine’s rpm also increases simultaneously. A transmission slippage indicates a failing transmission.

Damaged transmission fluid: The components of a transmission system are lubricated and cooled by the transmission fluid. When the fluid is contaminated with dust or metal particles, the internal parts do not get sufficient lubrication, leading to improper functioning.

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Affordable Differential Repair Services at Taylorsville UT

Differentials are the mechanical parts of your car that are responsible for controlling speed during wheel rotation. When your car negotiates a turn, the differentials allow the two wheels to rotate at different speeds with respect to each other.

If you are unable to make a smooth turn, it could probably be a differential problem. Differential leaks and noises are also common issues that you may encounter. Differential repair services vary depending on whether your car has a front-wheel drive, a limited slip differential or a standard differential.

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Reliable CV Joint Repair at Taylorsville UT

CV joints or Constant Velocity joints are responsible for the movement of your car. These joints carry power from the drive shaft to the wheels and cause them to move. Regardless of the position of the car wheels, the CV joints ensure that adequate power is supplied to the wheels.

The joints are enclosed within joint boots – rubber structures that act as a protective covering. If the boots develop cracks or breaks or when there is contamination from dust, it can lead to malfunctioning of the joints.

The following are symptoms of a CV joint damage:

  • A low, heavy sound when you accelerate, decelerate or put the transaxle into the drive
  • A vibration or quiver that steps up with speed
  • A growling noise
  • Popping or clicking noise when the wheels turn
  • A quiver when you accelerate

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