Transmission Repair Testimonials

Transmission Man is proud of its high quality customer service to go with professional transmission repair. We make sure that we treat all our customers with the courtesy and respect that they deserve. Drop by our shop today and see for yourself why we’ve become one of the area’s most trusted auto transmission repair centers. Read as many as you’d like but make sure to fill out our contact form. We’d love to speak with you about your transmission needs!

Read On To See What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say About Our Service:

Bill H. – 2/8/2014
5/5 stars


First time I’ve given a review on Yelp. I’ve used it many times; however, to find a good place to do business with. I’m so glad I used it to find a reliable transmission shop. TRANSMISSION MAN was FANTASTIC! This company is honest, reliable and very service oriented. My son’s transmission gave out. We had to have his car towed, it was so bad. Tom was on it and gave me an honest assessment: repair a broken hose and several quarts of transmission fluid. $40 later, we were driving it home. They could have easily raked me over with some expensive, non – essential repair, and I would have never known. Not Tom. Very stand up guy. I’m proud to recommend this company to anyone seeking a reputable, reliable and honest transmission company in Utah.

Patricia M. – 10/5/2013
5/5 stars


Excellent & Friendly service !!!! My husband called Larry and explained the issue with the transmission on our Tahoe. He very politely said he was about 99% sure he knew what the issue was and how much an long it would take to fix it. We dropped the car off at closing time last Friday and picked it up the following Wednesday….On time and within a few bucks of what he quoted. If you are ever in need of transmission service, don\’t even bother calling anyone else!!!!! Larry and Tyler will take care of you with great service and an honest price and will deliver it with a smile and a handshake.

Brenna D. – 10/27-2013
5/5 stars


My ’04 Honda Odyssey started having trouble changing gear. I talked to my trusted family mechanic and learned that Odyssey’s usually need a new transmission around 150k miles, which is what mine is at. I was quoted $2500-3500. I talked to a family member’s trusted mechanic and got the same quote. Then my brother told me to go to Transmission Man. He had used them and only had the highest praise to give. Larry is the owner and is great to work with. I was quoted $1900 and was told my car would be done on Wednesday. When I picked up my car, my total came to $1939.91. That’s an amazing price for a transmission. Larry told me to bring the car back in 500 miles so he could check it. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Transmission are an awful repair to have to do, but they make it more affordable. They do free diagnostics and free towing with service.

Timm ‎ – Aug 12, 2011

If i could give them more than 5 stars i would. My cavalier had transmission problems when I took it into their shop. They were not trying to sale me a bunch of parts that i didn’t need. i was able to order my own transmission have it shipped to them, and they did the labor. They are not in this business just for the money they take great pride in what they do. I have taken my car their twice for two different problems they know exactly what was wrong. i recommend when your car has a transmission problem you take your car to the best @ The Transmission Man. I will be a life long customer.

Honest, Reliable, and Affordable! by Peter in Oakley 08/01/2011

I was lost and confused for my manual transmission was stuck in reverse do to a wore out “shift tower” and a “broken shift fork”.Tyler gave me hope and promise that he could rebuild my transmission for around $500…which he did!!!The dealership wanted $5000 , FIVE THOUSAND! I was just about to order a rebuilt for $1500…and pay an additional $650 to drop the old transmission and install the rebuilt!Thanks to their add in the YELLOW PAGES and this Web Sight …I was saved and have new hope in man kind….Thanks to Tyler, Larry, and the front desk for I was treated like family and got to keep the old parts for souvenirs.

The Best of The Best by Alan in Salt Lake City – 02/08/2011

The transmission on my 04 Super duty was giving me trouble after a family vacation. I brought it to Transmission Man and they immediately took it for a road test and checked the computer codes. After diagnosis the repair was estimated and performed as per the estimate. They also installed an improved torque converter. My total was nearly half that of the local dealer and less than my diesel mechanics quote to replace with a rebuilt. The truck runs better than the day it rolled off the showroom. A perfect 10 for honesty, integrity, and care for my vehicle. Also a local family owned business which is a huge plus in my book.

Honest and Friendly by christopherelrod 01/16/2011

They stayed for almost an hour past close on a Friday night to finish replacing a slave cylinder on my Tacoma. The final cost was slightly less than the quote and everything works great now. The owner was very friendly and accommodating.

Recommendation!!!! by Thrilled!09/29/2011

I couldn’t be happier with the staff at The Transmission Man. I was treated with respect and fairly. My car has never driven this well, it’s like driving a new car. I think Larry is the last honest mechanic around… He is a man of his word. I will never go elsewhere, I recommend The Transmission Man to anyone! What a great experience!

Best Service Ever by Denese G 09/17/2013

My name is Darren Gettel, and I would like to say a few words about my experience at the Transmission Man today.
We are from Washington, passing through Salt Lake, and I noticed something leaking. I called Transmission Man at eight o’clock sharp to ask if they could check it out. “Bring it right in”, they said, so I did. Within 15 minutes of being there I was told the pan gasket was leaking, which I suspected. When they took the old one off they informed me the wrong gasket was put on in a recent service I did at another shop. They had the new one on in minutes and had me on my way. A huge thank you to the super friendly staff and my hat’s off to the amazing service. I basically got a transmission service for the price of the gasket job. I recommend anyone with tranny problems to go here. It was simply the best service I have ever received at any shop. Thank you again, and I will certainly speak highly of you.