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Keeping up with the transmission repair that your vehicle needs is vital towards a functional, long-lasting automobile. Many owners transmission questions can be answered at a tune-up or a diagnostic service. If you don’t know the last time your transmission was serviced, it is time for you to take your vehicle to a mechanic who offers transmission repair Alpine UT to get your transmission checked.

Understanding the Importance of Your Transmission

The transmission of your vehicle is responsible for three different tasks:


  1. It sends power (torque) from your vehicle’s engine to the tires.
  2. It provides the engine with the power it needs to move backwards or forwards.
  3. It allows your vehicle to change from one gear to another.

Considering just how much power the transmission of your vehicle has over the vehicle, it makes sense that it would be important to keep it in tip top shape.
What Are Signs You Have a Transmission Problem?

Watch out for these issues that often signify a transmission issue:

  • Your vehicle loses power
  • Your vehicle has a burning smell
  • The check engine light comes on
  • Your engine makes humming and whining noises


transmission repair Alpine utahWhat Services Might Be Needed If You Notice These Problems?

  • Attaching your vehicle to a diagnostic computer to locate the problem
  • Replacing or rebuilding the transmission
  • Changing the transmission fluid or flushing the transmission out
  • Replacing a solenoid or sensor causing the transmission issue


Maintaining an appropriate transmission fluid level is the key to keeping the transmission of your vehicle healthy for a long period of time. Do what you can to keep your vehicle from overheating and always double check before putting any fluids into the vehicle to make sure they are appropriate for that vehicle.