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Transmission Repair Linden UT

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic vehicle, transmission problems can often look and feel similar. Car problems are overwhelming, but the transmission repair in Linden UT. Our years of experience and knowledgeable staff and mechanics can get your vehicle back on the road quickly, and with the assurance that the job was done right.

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Determining Transmission Problems

Leaking fluid

– Transmission fluid is bright red and has a sweet smell, if you find this on your driveway, you may only have a leak or crack. If the fluid is dark and burnt smelling, you may need a transmission flush. The purpose of transmission fluid is to keep all the mechanical components of your vehicle running smoothly, so leaks can cause major problems and should be fixed quickly.

Grinding and shaking

– Vehicles are meant to drive smoothly and quietly, if there is a grinding sound and your vehicle shakes while you are driving, it could be a problem with your gears. This is true for both automatic and manual transmissions.

Slipping or stiff gears

– If it is hard for you to maneuver between gears or when you are in gear and the transmission continuously slips back into natural it is definitely time to get your vehicle in for a checkup. If you drive an automatic and it takes a while for the gear to engage when you put it in drive or reverse, it is generally a transmission problem.

How to Avoid Transmission Failure

The best way to avoid any mechanical problem with your car is by getting regular preventative maintenance. This will help detect problems early, before they can cause major complications to your transmission. If you notice any of these symptoms it is also vital that you bring your car in immediately to avoid something simple, such as a lack of transmission fluid, into becoming an expensive repair, such as complete transmission rebuild.
If you have questions or concerns regarding your vehicle or would like to schedule an appointment in the Linden, UT area, please give us a call today. Transmission Man also provides transmission repair in Orem UT. To find out more call us at (801) 467-6626!