West Jordan Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair West Jordan UT

Transmission, differential, clutch and CV joint troubles are some of the most common problems that plague car owners. Transmission Man at West Jordan UT offer expert and reliable transmission repair, differential and clutch replacement, repair and modifications.  With over 30 years of experience to back us, we take pride in stating that our services are honest, reliable and affordable. If you are looking for the best transmission repair shop call us now at (801) 467-6626 to experience our personalized services.

Professional and Affordable Transmission Services at West Jordan UT

transmission repair west jordan utahA car’s transmission is the second most important component, next only to the engine. Without a flexible transmission, your car cannot run at different speeds. The following are some common transmission troubles that need professional help.

Odors and fluid leaks:

The transmission fluid is responsible for the smooth functioning of different components of the transmission system. The fluid also acts as a lubricant and coolant. Puddles or the smell of fluid signals a fluid leak problem.

Shifting trouble:

If you experience hard shifting or a drag between gears at the time of acceleration, there may be an underlying transmission problem. A missing or delayed response indicates a worse scenario that needs immediate professional help. If your vehicle is in need of manual transmission repair, call us at (801) 467-6626

Abnormal sounds:

If you hear a grinding noise when you shift gears or a pounding sound (due to a loosened transmission torque converter), it most probably indicates a transmission problem.


Transmission slippage is a common problem that signals a failing transmission. During a transmission slip, the engine speeds up but the vehicle fails to respond.

A transmission problem can hinder your car from operating smoothly. Call Transmission Man at (801) 467-6626 for expert transmission repair in West Jordan UT.

Reliable Differential Repair Services at West Jordan UT

Differentials are the mechanical components of your car that control the varying speed of the wheels during a rotary motion. When a car turns, the wheels turn at different speeds with the help of the differential.

If you experience trouble making a smooth turn, a problem with the differentials could be the reason. Differential noises and leaks are common indicators of an underlying differential problem.

Differentials fall into more than one category, and repair services are best handled by professionals. Did you know that Transmission Man performs transmission repair in Draper UT as well? Call our shop at (801) 467-6626 to find out more!

Best CV Joint Repair at West Jordan UT

Drive axle assemblies are responsible for transferring power from the transmission to the wheels of your front wheel drive. The axles have Constant Velocity or CV joints protected by rubber boots that keep the lubricant in and the dirt out. Wear and tear, cracks or tears in the boots can lead to a CV joint failure.

The symptoms of a CV joint failure include:

  • A growling or humming noise
  • Clicking or popping noises when the car turns
  • A vibration that increases with speed
  • A vibration or shudder during acceleration
  • A thump during acceleration or deceleration

For professional, affordable and dependable car services in the West Jordan UT area, call Transmission Man at (801) 467-6626. We will help you get your car back on the road in no time.