West Valley Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair West Valley UT

West Valley is located in the Western part of Salt Lake city and covers over 35 square miles! Transmission Man provides transmission repairs to those living and working in the West Valley area. We take pride in knowing that we service West Valley UT with the excellent transmission service. If your car doesn’t start one fine morning or suddenly stalls on the road, you could be having transmission, differential or CV joint trouble. Transmission Man is your West Valley UT specialist in transmission repair and service, differentials, clutches, and CV joints. Whether you have a standard, automatic or hybrid, 4 wheel or front wheel drive, we can fix ‘em all.

Just give us a call and we will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Reliable Transmission Repair at West Valley UT

If your car shows any of the following symptoms, you may need to get it checked for transmission trouble.

  • transmission repair west valley utahStrange noises such as knocking, grating, buzzing, humming etc.
  • Dashboard light indicating engine trouble.
  • Engine does not accelerate even when it races.
  • Unable to start when the vehicle is cold.
  • Stalling.
  • Reverse gear doesn’t work.
  • Gears not engaging as they should.
  • Shift stick does not move.
  • Fluid stains and leaks under the car.
  • Strange odors from under the hood.
  • If the check engine light comes on.

A car transmission is connected to several other vital parts of the car. Without the transmission, your car engine would not be able to provide a wide range of speed outputs. Your car may have a manual, automatic or hybrid transmission, which need to be handled in different ways.

Only an experienced technician will know how to accurately diagnose and repair the transmission of your car without damaging other expensive parts.

For affordable, reliable and personalized transmission repair in West Valley UT, call Transmission Man at (801) 467-6626.

Call Us for Differential Repair Services at West Valley UT

Your car has a mechanical part called the “differential,” situated between the wheels and attached to each wheel by an axle shaft. The differential allows outer and inner wheels to spin while turning, and provides engine power to the wheels.

It is important to maintain your differential because a worn out differential can get heated up to melt into a blob of metal and weld component parts together. You may not even realize it till the car stalls. To learn more about our other service areas, like transmission repair in Highland UT, call our shop at (801) 467-6626.

Dependable CV Joint Repair at West Valley UT

Clicking and popping during tight turns, humming sounds, or shuddering while speed changes could indicate possible CV damage. Constant Velocity or CV joints are the joints in front wheel drive shafts. The joints are lubed with grease and covered with a flexible boot seal which keeps the dirt out and the grease in.

Wear and tear, ice or  aging can cause the CV boot seal to rupture. Dirt and debris may then enter the joint and damage it. By periodically inspecting your CV boots, you can prevent joint damage and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

For reliable and affordable CV joint repair and inspection in West Valley UT, Transmission Man is available at your service. Our experienced technicians will check your CV boots, install new boots and grease, and repair any joint damage. Timely CV joint repair will keep your car in top condition for a long time.

If you are in West Valley UT, call Transmission Man for a test drive of your car, diagnosis and appropriate repair services. Call us at (801) 467-6626.