when to change your transmission fluidTransmission fluid serves the same purpose engine oil does to your engine. It lubricates critical moving parts inside the transmission case to reduce friction. A well maintained transmission is crucial to proper performance of your automobile. Make sure that you periodically check your transmission fluid in the same way you check other vital fluids under the hood. Pull out the dipstick marked “ATF” (for Automatic Transmission Fluid) and check the proper fluid level. The transmission is a sealed system, so any significant loss of transmission fluid over time might indicate a leak. Check the ground under where you park your car to determine if you have a transmission fluid leak. A reddish/brown stain will usually signal a leak in your transmission fluid.

Under normal circumstances, most car manufacturers recommend replacing the transmission fluid at least once a year. When replacing transmission fluid, it is also important to check the oil filter in the transmission. Keeping an eye on your transmission fluid levels can make the difference between routine maintenance and a costly transmission repair. Keeping your transmission well lubricated can save you from having to replace or repair your transmission.

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